Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Look Tasks

A first look at tasks. There are actually two types of tasks that I'm trying to make, one a bundling task, if you have enough of an item there bundled together and you get a quest reward, cash. The other is a long term goal that takes a while to accomplish. I actually am working on status bars for it as well on the long term ones. Actually its going a lot easier then I thought it would, might be able to wrap up tasks this week.

After some great discussions, I'm going with my original definition of loli at least in my mind of pre-menstrual, no breasts. Or if most people think a girl is loli then she is loli.

A bunch of continued discussion on both loli and the proposed new house on the board go check it out. As always I recommend discussion on the board over the blog as blog comments keep getting pushed down every day.


I'm going for a real release at the end of the month and a debugged by the middle of February. That should give me plenty of time to add a bunch of content. Going to add a bunch of new scenes for our writers for quests. Especially the new sex based ones. If you want to try writing them and saving us all from my odd version of English go for it.
Writers Wanted

Have a good weekend,



  1. Awesome!... Hey can you make rape optional, so that when you try to have sex with a girl, if she doesn't want it it isn't forced? That makes it more rewarding to get her to want it, and it broadens the audience a little, let's us play a not so evil character, and it could tie into relationship building.

  2. So hoping news...
    Just wait for a january realese...

  3. trouble launching the new years open source game

    i tried fire fox and adobe flash player neither will load the game in any manner
    when i load the pic from girls or any thing else that uses flash player it works fine but not the game it self any ideas

  4. Nice,i liked it,btw what happened to Jason same happens to me,jason i belive that is for u "edit" game and help daisy or idk D:

  5. oh that would explain a lot lmao