Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adding a few images...

Basically a lazy day just added a few images:

asFairy.fairy1Religion.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Religion.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy5Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy6Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy7Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2BasicTraining.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy5Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy6Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Futanari.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Futanari.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Futanari.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Futanari.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Rest.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Rest.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Rest.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Rest.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy5Rest.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Religion.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4HouseHold.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy5HouseHold.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Artistic.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Artistic.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Money.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Money.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Rest.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Rest.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Rest.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Dehumanizing.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Dehumanizing.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Dehumanizing.visible = false;
asAngel.angel4Dehumanizing.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Lesbian.visible = false;
asAngel.angel4Lesbian.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Futanari.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Futanari.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Futanari.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1HouseHold.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2HouseHold.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3HouseHold.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Religion.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Religion.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Religion.visible = false;
asAngel.angel4Religion.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Artistic.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Artistic.visible = false;

Just the Neko to go.


Since I don't have much for you today, just thought I would point out that Fenoxo has decided to go to the game updating blog format as well. For those of you who don't know he is the guy who makes the rather fun "Another Hyper Text Transformation Game" which is now know as "Corruption of Champions." Worth checking out:




  1. When will the stable version?

  2. When will the stable version?

  3. Sorry to double post - bad connect...

  4. by neko you mean what girl with cat ears(and is acat generaly) or just girl thinks she is a cat and wears cat suit

  5. Interesting game, that CoC from Fenoxo. I like games with so much story telling, but it is very very alpha right now! :-(

  6. I discovered Fenoxo's hyper text game and blog just this past weekend. For those looking for a more complete version, this is his previous game: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4985896

    It's far more complete.

  7. You're welcome. And looking at my previous post, sorry for subjecting you to my stupid redundancy.

    What ever was I thinking?