Monday, March 26, 2012

Guide - Jobs (Adding Images)

So now that we have a new job there's a bit of issue nothing is actually connected to it. None of the girls have images for it and well that's just dull... Probably not going to add images for every girl and even then have to prevent new girls who don't have images so we need to add some generic ones.

Generics are in


at this point they are divided up by hair color and length try to keep em organized if i ever get around to it the system might care.

the xml is at


pretty straight foward xml just copy an example change the picture id and update the paths to the generic images you added.

Just about done now we just need to go do some basic linking for image replacement for the text system.


very simple name is the name for replacement used by the text system and file is the file it should look for. One major point it is required that file has a "#" so it knows not to look for a file but a replacement. Not sure if you can do direct calls from the text system for these much better to use the replacement.

And now we have generics done.

Hmm, probably should do non-generics too.

Almost the same for just adding to girls.

Image path


xml path


Adding the xml for the girls is straight forward. Use the same ID we used with the generics and put in the paths.

That's it.

We could be done but I want to just mention front images, those pulled in for personal jobs, here. Since they work almost exactly the same except a little mod.

So almost the exact same the only thing that needs to be pointed out is

id = "Job_Forward" -- should always be Job_Forward for a front job
dress = "plugsuit" -- This tells the game to show for this dress if there wearing it. Should match the item the girl is wearing for her top. The item xml will need the exact same tag.
worksafe= "true" -- worksafe?

image path = "Mugi/front/mugi1Plugsuit.png" -- can add as many as you want they will be randomly chosen.

That should be it for images. I'll try to update if I get any questions.



  1. Thanks for the guide to generics, I'll add a feature for it to GirlBuilder.

    You should probably mention that the first picture element in the girl XML, which meets the requirements the game is looking for, such as id="Job_Forward", is used. That means, even if the slave is wearing a formal dress and further below the girl XML has an element with id="Job_Forward" and dress = "formal", those images will never be used. Therefore, always place elements with more attributes above elements with fewer attributes.

    Now to my questions.

    What is a front job? If front images are "pulled in for personal jobs", then they are for those things you can do with your slave when she's in a master bedroom, e.g. train blowjob. What has id="JobForward" to do with personal jobs?

    Could you point me to the file that contains the code the game uses to read girl XML files and select pictures? I would like to take a look at it.

    Since every girl needs a paperdoll now, I think it would be great if you could write a separate guide on how to add a paperdoll for a new girl. I would look into it myself, but so much has changed since the last release that I doubt experimenting with the November release would give the right answers.

  2. Actually that is not quite true job_forward does the normal look for the first that matches with the condition dress... so it should go

    searching for Job_Forward Bikini

    Job_Forward dress = "formal"
    Job_Forward dress = "bikini" <--- Success
    Job_Forward dress = ""

    searching for Job_Forward catsuit

    Job_Forward dress = "formal"
    Job_Forward dress = "bikini"
    Job_Forward dress = ""<--- Success ran out of choices naked girl

    Job_Forward and front images are the same thing there the floating images when your doing personal jobs. Sorry for the confusion.

    If only it was one file basically Docclox's code parses it in and then I steal that this code is in libs/otherlib/textcontroller/

    Paperdoll guide is a good idea but I have about 2 weeks of guides still in the works already.