Monday, March 19, 2012

Guide - Personal Jobs

Okay one of my favorite parts is the personal jobs. Taking the time to fuck your slaves should be the most important part of the game. And jobs can now be added at any time through xml just like room jobs... but there a bit different in how they run.

Event Start Personal Job -> Text System then runs the personal job choices -> Event system then runs the actual job.

Personal Job is called

Top level items are then displayed selecting one goes to second level items

You can have multiple middle levels but normally at this point choosing an option will then cause an actual event

Stuff happens and then we go onto the next job or event.

The xml code is a bit fun...

The code is divided into top and then buttons.

So for the top you get

label = "personaljobs" -- this is what calls the text to start
top = "true" -- is this the top level of the personal jobs
All the rest are normal text commands to display as default.

In lower tiers you get another option

up = "personaljobs" -- if this is not the top then run we need a go back label this is the one ( If we are at crewjobs level pressing the back button will go back to personaljobs )

Next is the line command used just like anywhere else in the text system as the default text if no button is selected.


The buttons are where everything really happens. For the most part they follow the same rules as the rest of the text system. Images and colors are the same commands. New commands are:

image = "jobicons/CrewJobs.png" - the button image
next = "label" - NEXT TEXT when clicked
event = "label" - NEXT EVENT when clicked
line = "text" - the text displayed when over button

Buttons have one other really cool feature in that they know... Actually you can set them up to check just like events and only if they succeed in the check do they appear. So jobs that only exist in the day only appear. And your lesbian character suddenly doesn't start acting like a futa. Exact same syntax as the event system just added to the button.

So much fun so little time.



  1. Thanks for all the hard work, mate. This game is looking amazing so far.

  2. neat i look forward to some custom versions of this game coming out.

  3. *looks at penis* how much longer must it wait :P jk no rush. This games coming along amazingly keep up the great work. Is XML and XHTML related at all? Are you plaing to have job specfic to the slaves features. Futa penis milking. or male milk? Will there be males ever? Sorry I don't mean to sound demanding or anything just kinda trying to look deeper into your mind. IS XML a must to make good solid flash games (obviously along with AS)

    I'm sorry if I seem a bit rude keep up the amazing work and I hope your days are filled with not so many evil bugs