Saturday, March 24, 2012

Guide - Rooms

After houses comes rooms, which are if anything simpler then houses. The location for the image files is the same

libs/otherlib/images/ --- as a standard please use the rooms folder but it is not required.

the xml is located at


More roomfiles can be added but not much point since they are small xml blocks just add them to


The xml is i'm hoping straight forward with lots of examples in the file.

name = "onsen" --- Name of the room
image = "rooms/onsenroom.jpg" --- where the back ground image is
description = "A large spacious bathing area fed by naturally heated water." --- flavor text
cost = "200" -- the upgrade to this room cost
defaultjob = "bath attendant" -- The most important setting when the room is purchased this is the job that the girl who is currently in the room is set too

The job tag can be used multiple times and is a list of all the jobs that a girl can do in a specified room. Simple right.

job name = "bath attendant" --- the name of the job that we are adding to the room.

That's it for rooms. Did you think it would be complicated?



  1. well how do u add text to it that says something like "so and so did so in so to so and so and made 3 gold"

  2. One guide at a time I got a bunch more in the pipe line.


  3. for the example room, I think it should also have rest/bath as a job, if it doesn't already. it just makes sense imop, to let your girls rest there on the odd occasion. special treat. good for making people feel better.