Sunday, March 25, 2012

Guide - Jobs (Basic)

So the actual creating of a job is way to simple and to tell you the truth I probably should make it more complex just for complexity's sake. The image files are sent to

libs/otherlib/images/ --- as a standard please use the jobsicon folder but it is not required.

the xml is located at


You can always at your own files on


if you want to but sort of pointless.

Jobs actually only have 4 tags... And they are very self explaining.

name = "bath attendant" --- The name of the job makes sure it matches the room job call
image = "jobicons/bathattendantjob.png" --- the icon image for the job
description = "The slave will provide service to those entering the bath." --- Flavor Text
event = "bathattendantjob" --- The event call for the event system when the girl is doing the job.

And that is it. A little review the flow is sort of...

House --> Room --> Job --> event --> text

so next up should probably be some examples of events...



  1. I just wanted to thank you for making this awesome game. Also I want to say that I'm looking forward to further development and new releases :D
    I'm addicted to this game, it's fun. And the porn aspect isn't even part of the reason I enjoy it, it's just a fun game. porn doesn't hurt anything though, it just means I have to stop and take a fap break every now and then. :3

  2. You still haven't done that all Prinny cycle D00d.

    Don't forget to take a breather D00d.