Saturday, March 10, 2012

Events - Post Events


So another fun topic and hopefully the last of our events bonanza. First off post events can only be used with JOBS!!! If used elsewhere it would be bad. I have no idea what would happen.

First off we need to talk about how job events work. Previously jobs were run recursivily until finished. IE run one then run that one again for a different girl until we were done with the rooms, the personal jobs, and the assistants. That is no longer the case. Jobs are now run based on the order of the girl purchased and are put in an array of events.

Girl 1 (scultping) -> Girl 2 (personaljob) -> Girl 3 (assistantjob) -> Girl 4 (singingjob)

So what if the girl falls in love? What if the girl gains a class. We can’t put it at the end of girl 4 that wouldn’t make any sense. Instead we call post events and they add it to the front of the current job array.

evepost label = "sickcheck"
evepost label = "classlearnartist"

This causes our array of fun to add new stuff.

NOW RUNNING: Girl 1 (scultping)

NEXT EVENT: Girl 1(sickcheck) -> Girl 1(classlearnartist) -> Girl 2 (personaljob) -> Girl 3 (assistantjob) -> Girl 4 (singingjob)

Simple right?

So much power.



  1. so when do we get an update?

  2. I suppose all this new XML power has to be put to use by transferring e.g. the jobs to XML code. Since XML is comparatively easy to write we all can help to speed up the next release.