Monday, March 12, 2012

Events - Smoothing

Variable smoothing. This is to make sure that the player doesn't get negative 5000 dirt in the house or some other crazy number. You do not have and should under no circumstances use with a girl. They already have there own native smoothing system. Also smoothing only occurs if evechange was called. Shouldn't make much difference but was trying to stop what could turn into a resource hog down as much as I could.

super easy xml
label = "whatever" -- what we are smoothing be it a variable replace or an on the fly
max = "100" -- The highest the variable can go.
min = "0" -- The lowest the variable can go.

if you don't care about a max or a min then just don't add that tag. So for gold it would be

smoother label = "#gold" min = "0"

Though probably do want negative gold... but you get the point.


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