Sunday, March 18, 2012

Still finding and clearing bugs

I have successfully completed multiple girls running room jobs. Not bad at all and found and squashed an entire list of bugs to make that happen.

Event System vvar is now vvarstring internally nothing needs to be done in xml it is still just vvar. This allows vvar to be cast as a number allowing for easier checking and changing and fix a mound of bugs.

checkpassedclass never would have worked as written a number of minor errors.

postevents now know what girl spawned them and will not reset back to the 1st girl every time they are called... bang head here

Realtor and Carpenter are no longer flooded by about 4 x of the same houses and rooms.

Time updates correctly THROUGH XML and resets the auction house THROUGH XML. Spelling error caught early there.

Personal events are up on deck now.

What did you get done on this St. Patrick's day?

Response to question submitted by anonymous there are no futa models so we don't have futa models.



  1. Can't believe this game is still nowhere... how long you been working on this? 2 years? Don't mean to sound like a troll but dayum! Can we at least expect a release that can be called a game by 2015?

  2. ... no troll, but surely a dick. It's not like he's getting paid for working on it. Be glad he's still working on it instead.

  3. do any one know to get the update's from November onward's because I can't find them at all.

  4. @Anonymous1
    If you don't have anything to contribute, STFU.

  5. I love this game but I'd like to know where I can get the update's from because I can't find them on this Blog. So can someone plz tell me where to find them