Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guide - Jobs (Room Jobs Text Example)

There are other guides all all the pretty features for text this is about application. Lets go back to our bath attendant job and we just fired off one of 3 text events, bathattendantjobservice, bathattendantjoboral, and bathattendantjobcleaning. I know they seem long but unique is important and description means I don't have a hard time figuring out what's calling them.

As you notice right away most stuff is just repeated. Why not?

name = "#name" --- The girls name easily provided for you.
label = "bathattendantjobservice" --- How we know to pull this text
next = "end" --- No Text after this
namecolor = "#ff6699" --- hex color of #name
fg = "#bathattendantjob" --- pulled in replacement image either generic or from the girl. There is an entire guide on this.

lline = "bath attendant job service. #showchange" --- what is displayed the #showchange shows how the girls stats were modified.

That's it believe it or not. Copy and paste is your friend here.


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