Saturday, March 31, 2012

Looking for volunteers

I'm looking for a few people who feel they have a good understanding of the xml and want to help code the existing events and jobs into xml jobs. Yes a long dull task, but I will toss them an early release of the new otherworld and the event tester to test the events they have written. Just so we are clear there are about 500 existing job events/text to incorporate and I'm not doing them all. If you feel like trying your hand please contact me directly at

as I will only be releasing the test version though a hidden ftp, if I can get it to work.

You will also need access to google docs. That means a google account and I will need that e-mail to allow you access.


1 comment:

  1. oh nooooo... im sorry i cant help. im currently on a course and working i have no time to studdy xml... so sorrryyy!!!!