Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Events Part 2

So some basic's in this little walk through the first is that events have 2 basic tags.

label = "example"
text = "exampletextrolled1"

The label is just a tag that calls the event. You can have dozens of events with the same label, if so they then fall down each testing the condition until one succeeds at which point all others are ignored. Please see the picture above as an example. Be advised that even if all of the label do not succeed or the label does not exist it will generate an error. So as a good rule of thumb its good to just have an empty event with the label. Empty events are processed but if nothing happens nothing happens.

In review its a fall down, if, else if, else system.

Text is the text label that is called to be displayed and passed onto the text system. That't it. Empty labels are ignored. So text = "" will spawn no text, but you can still have stuff happen in the background for the event, even if no text is shown.

That's the basics user created variables are next.


Setting up jobs for examples the next few days including today, and will hopefully be ready to ask everyone for there help xmling the jobs when the walk through is done.


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