Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Text Formatting - Help wanted.

So this may seem like an odd one but I was wondering what sort of format for changes is easiest to read and understand. See picture in last post. While I have an idea for a system that will allow for automating all of that text and using a universal rule. Basically at the end of the job text a simple #statchanges, will display the text. I'm still undecided on whats easiest to read.

Some basic ideas, but any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. No images has to be text based.

[Health 3 (50), Lust -1 (60), Happiness 1 (10)]

[Health 50 (3), Lust 60 (-1), Happiness 10 (1)]

(Health 3 [50], Lust -1 [60], Happiness 1 [10])

(Health 50 [3], Lust 60 [-1], Happiness 10 [1])

[Health: 3 (50), Lust: -1 (60), Happiness: 1 (10)]

[Health: 50 (3), Lust: 60 (-1), Happiness: 10 (1)]

(Health: 3 [50], Lust: -1 [60], Happiness: 1 [10])

(Health: 50 [3], Lust: 60 [-1], Happiness: 10 [1])

Those are the ones I can think of but I'm sure there are much better experts out there that can think of an easy to read way. Your ideas or suggestions?



  1. I think they are all easy to read. Just one little change: show the positive changes with a + (e.g. Health +3 (50)). This makes it a bit better to read.

  2. Plus is a lot harder to add then you might think. I'll put some thought into it... will probably have to convert from into to string then and the plus as a string part.


  3. i would say the last or the 6. one are the easiest to read (propably the 6. one is the best thinking about the way you would use brackets in math). you have a clear indication how high the stat gain/loss is and the most interesting value is the complete value so it should be the one that is displayed i think. and the colon is a indicator that it shows the complete value while the colums indicate a minor change (at least for me if i look at the line - the way the change is shown outside looked strange and confusing to me the first time i looked at it).

  4. maybe use "|" for a space between the stats and one more space. something like this:
    [Health: 50 (3) | Lust: 60 (-1) | Happiness: 10 (1)]

    if that is easier to read or easy to do idk^^.
    also do you have to use the square brackets? would propably be easier to read with only one bracket.
    like this:
    Health: 50 (3) | Lust: 60 (-1) | Happiness: 10 (1)

    again only if it is possible and easy to do and of course it is only my opinion and if it wraps around the lines like it does in my add comment box all could be kinda hard to read so it might be worth looking into (maybe using 2 lines with a little bit of space between the stats and no comma at all. something like this:
    Health: 50 (3) Lust: 60 (-1)
    Happiness: 10 (1)

    the easiest to read/understand would propably be 3 lines but iirc the game showed only 2 lines of text for me at default settings so it might cause more problems if that is the case.

  5. ...looks like the comment screws my space setting so i used "_" instead of speces. my 2 line version should look like this (without the "_" same for the 3 line version):
    Health:____50 (3)____Lust: 60 (-1)
    Happiness:_10 (1)

    and for the 3 line version:
    Health:____50 (3)
    Lust:______60 (-1)
    Happiness:_10 (1)

    ^--- again this would propably be the easiest to read and understand but could cause more trouble than it is worth (the effect could propably be achived with space between the stats but with different sizes for different browser settings it could show up strange so i´m not really sure about this as my programming skills are not really existing^^). for the single line i would prefere the 2 in my previous post or if using the 8 you did propose the 6. one.

  6. I would think adding plus works the easiest simply by doing something like: "if (number > 0) {output +;} output number;"

    1. Making that a function will make it trivial to use everywhere.

  7. As a quick solution, I would prefer the following string: "Job results: Dirt 5(-2), Health 67(-33), Happiness 80(+1)". This list should IMHO include all game variables that were changed by the job.

    However, in the long run I think it would be better to provide a custom string for each job. The method above would then be used as debug output and as fallback for jobs that have not yet received a custom results string. With such a string the results of a cleaning job could look like this:
    "Manami cleaned the house from 2 dirt (5 left), which left her tired (Health -33) but happy (Happiness +1). In the process she improved her cleaning skills by 2 points to a total of 2."
    I'm confident I could write the Action Script to produce a string like that from game variables. It may also be doable from XML if we teach the XML system string manipulation functions.

  8. Oh, and on the formatting itself, any will do, though I would like to add the possibility of.

    old stat -> new stat format

    e.g. Health 50 -> 53, Slurpyness 5 -> 4