Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lazy Day - Stats

Stats for this months Daisy_Strike's SDK.

I find stuff like this facinating. First off to all you followers of the mac, your only 1% of my audience, stop trying to put on airs. (Though they are beating out Linux.)

Firefox be just killing IE.

Country wise, I am a little shocked by how many German's follow the site. Beating out everyone but USA. I would think that English speaking countries would have a stronger representation. Since the game is in English. I don't know it's just really interesting. I'm definitely hoping for translation support becoming easier and making it easier for non-English speakers.



  1. hi daisy,

    love your game ;o)

    just wanted to post my 2 cent opinion:
    i think english is good enough ... don't underestimate german speaking countries ... we learn english pretty much and good in school ;o)

    thanks again for your work :o)


  2. most Germans that are 18-30 can speak English. <3.

  3. Very interesting statistics. I would say one thing though. The global map is slightly misleading in one way. Canada has about 1/10 the population of US, and Germany has 1/3.75 the population of US. If you multiply by these factors, you realize more Canadians are interested than Americans, PER CAPITA. An equal number of Germans and Americans are interested in a per capita basis. :)

    I'm really surprised India and China do not show up on the map, since they both have such large populations. There must be someone interested...

    And no, I am not from Canada; I'm a citizen of US (although born in India).

  4. That's funny, I use Linux for everything but smut. Same story for Chrome/Firefox.

  5. Well, with Germany, it's also possible that it's due to proxie servers, though I'd have assumed more would be russian.

    I use Firefox with Windows

  6. I use apple Mac, Firefox and come the UK. I do have 3 windows based computer and two windows based laptops and I can bootcamp my into windows. Although I play Otherword and Slavermaker 3 on Mac.

  7. Where's Austria? :< ^^

  8. ah.. not bad, a decent amount of Swedish visitors. I wouldent worry too much about the game not beeing translated into other languages. And if you factor in population we Swedes are very intrested :P. We only got 9 mil pop after all.

  9. From belgium there (speak dutch and french),

    We follow you probably because english are easy to learn from french or dutch ppl.

    Be the way, "daisy otherworld" are listed to google and point to this blog, so a lot of people probably follow your work (including me).

    Good luck Daisy.

  10. Ve wannt to tacke ova ze world, one blog at a time. Bondage iz alzo verry deer to our harz! And Daisy vill be made honorary Deutsche!
    Jawoll! :-)

  11. I think that I am the only Spanish who visits this page.