Monday, October 31, 2011

Hot Fix 1 ~ Trick or Release

Fixes a crash bug with anal toy. Just replace the otherworld.swf file with the one in the download.

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  1. Is it me, or is the Mizuho archetype paper doll head really tiny?

  2. the virgin icon is bugged
    sometimes it never dissapears from the screen

  3. is it just me or is it impossible to turn the girls into anything but maid(with the item) :/

  4. Critical bug: After selling a girl, the home screen is empty, with no way to get anywhere.

    Also, loading the game doesn't appear to work. I'm just getting a white screen.

  5. I cannot get past the loading screen, I have all the files, what is going wrong?

  6. The quests for the cook and the catgirl maid seem to be broken. As soon as you come back and claim to have the girl, you get the reward, the girls stay, and the quest disappears.

  7. Also the milking task seems to have something deeply wrong with it. Milk stacks don't seem to form in any sort of logical way (just one of each type, no counter or anything) and when the task showed up the counter in the milking parlor itself is informing me that I have many thousands of cheap milk (which the farmer fellow is supposed to be collecting in 20's).

  8. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or not here. But when I unRar the file and try to open it through either FireFox/IE 9/Flash Player the screen stops on "Initializing..." and remains there.

    When loading from Flash Player 10, I recieve this error message.

    "Error: Error: Can't load file 'title_screen/title_screen.swf'
    at Main/errf()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\]
    at otherlib.loaders::SwfPallet/io_error()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\loaders\]

    I'm running Win 7 64 bit should that matter, and thanks for any input and the awesome work.

  9. Nothing happened when I used an Eros Brew.

  10. Milk stacks seem bugged. Stack will say you have multiple but using one uses up the whole stack.

    Corsets and gloves rest over the breast layer.

    Could not change rooms through carpenter right after finishing the cook quest. Then tried to go home to encounter a blank screen.

    Pony gear does not show on doll. Pony job (if any) is unattainable (Unless there is a trick to it)

    Had one girl with the lactation icon for no reason but was not lactating.

    At least the game doesn't randomly crash anymore.

  11. Would like to add that i so not get any sound. Music or otherwise

  12. Icons (though not sure about effects) seem to stick beyond their practical lifespan. Anal Dildo for example, remains indefinitely.

  13. Still no sound, no avatar for player, no advance on classes, no shop for buying furniture. This game need a lot of work for even base gameplay.

  14. Likely only the basics of the old game are in at the moment. The new ( If there is any ) content likely can't be added until he can get the bugs to stop strangling our throats so harshly.
    Miss the Arena myself. Training a slave as a warrior with the Lamia is an obedience sinkhole. All these lazy women in my house, eating my food..