Monday, October 3, 2011

First look pop up as a seprate .swf

Not much difference in over all appearance. I have asked Redcape to see if he can make it any better looking since it's always looked a little ugly to me. If anyone has any suggestions please attach a screen shot. This is loaded on the fly so its easy to change it out.

If you ever want to see the difference from old style code to new style...

Old Style

New Style

The second using on the fly loading and a single class call to build everything. No indexing required since its built from bottom to top. Which is the most important part. Oh and of course if we want to change an image you just replace the raw image file don't even have to have a copy of Flash to do so. This is the standard for OW:C... If you making a change to old code might as well take an extra day and bring it up to date.


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