Monday, October 17, 2011

Probable Lazy Day

Thanks to Anonymous for the image suggestion. Yes she is double eared! Its been a long time since I did a clean. So not perfectly sure about this one but I think its a good enough for a walk on character.

Lazy Night tonight I think. We shall see how dull tv is.



  1. Why does that look like Francesca Lucchini from Strike Witches? The Orange head would be Charlotte Yeager.

    Awesome show, btw.

  2. She has 3 sets of ears, one bunny, one cat,and one human.

  3. Glad to be of help. Was an easy find though

  4. You said you weren't sure about how well the image was cleaned, so I played spot the difference. Pretty good, I can only see one thing.
    The cleaned image has the busty one's finger in it. They're in about the same spot, but that's not the little bunny's finger there.

  5. I don't like her... at all, but hey it's your choice

  6. Boo...
    She' bueno.