Sunday, October 9, 2011

Save Stuff

Compuscribe posted this mock up of a multi save screen on the board. For those of you with suggestions go post them on the board. He has saves working pretty much and there its in testing which means everything is waiting on me for the final bugged... Last night got multi girls to work on the pop up and am slowly building the parser and data checker. Slowly.



  1. I genuinely believe now that saving this stuff is hard. It seemed really weird to me when I started following the game that it would be so broken, but knowing how much work you've put into this game has swayed me.

  2. First off, I just want to be clear: I said that saves were MOSTLY fixed. There are still a few big bugs (such as girls' dolls reloading without any items they were wearing). Since that's going to require reworking the girls and how they're drawn, I was hoping Doc could take care of that part, since he's far more familiar with them and how they work.

    Unfortunately, I think he's got his hands full, at the moment, so I'll probably have to dig through it all and tackle it, myself. That will take some time, though, so no need to rush, on my account!

    As for being surprised at the amount of work involved, to be quite honest, when I started working on it, *I* didn't think that saving this stuff was going to be that hard. I thought it'd be like a 4-hour job: just walk through the logic, figure out where things were falling apart, fix it, and call it a day.

    It turns out that Flash handles things in some weird ways, so it's not just a simple matter of writing the appropriate data to a file. Also, there's a lot of code to keep track of, which takes some time to sift through, when you're coming into it cold. Who knew? :P

  3. Thanks for your efforts. You guys are doing awesome.

  4. is their away to add art for the girls aready added

  5. You should be able to. All of the important files are in the "girls" folder. The pictures, themselves, go in the appropriate folders. There's one for each girl. These are further divided into other categories, but it shouldn't be too tough to figure out what goes where. (Just look for other pictures in the same category.) After that, just update the girl's XML file (located in the main "girls" folder, not the archetype's subfolder), so that it has the information needed to find the new pictures and they're listed in the right category. If you follow the examples provided by the pictures that are already in place, it shouldn't be too tough to figure out.

    At least that's the theory. I haven't dug into that portion of the code enough to know how well it works, in practice, but I know that's how it was intended to work.