Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lazy Day - More Pretend then Real

A look at a test interface that takes advantage of the parser. Nice to be able to go from one quest to the next for testing. Also have them triggering win or loss so can see that is everything is working... its not but the interface is fun. Now to start adding and fixing the actual comparisons... which I seem to be re-writing more then copying and pasting... oh well... just goes to show that the programming of 6 months ago annoys me compared to the programming of today.


A rather large irritation at TTT right now I am exping, by turning everyone on auto and coming back in 5 minutes. That to me is a serious design flaw. You should not be able to exp with out at least looking at the screen and making some interaction. Oh well by my count about 2/3 through but that's just a guess.


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  1. Hm, never did that with TTT, didnt seem to really require much xp grinding as i recall. Gotta say tho, TTT would have been 3x better without arthur