Friday, October 28, 2011

Text adding, bug killing

The two bugs I saw yesterday are fixed.

fixed - may have created collisions between collar and slave collar
fixed - producers crashing stuff on drag and drop - old objects vs strings fixed

Continued adding text, over 100 new text events will be added and thats why it is taking so long. I got all the sex events added but not linked up last night. This will probably be the last time that these are hard coded it just takes too freaken long and will go to an xml format sooner rather then later.

I want to thank the writers AzaggThoth and kdy for the new scenes and Irrbloss are local editor and chief.

We are really, really close to a release.

1 bug to fix, some xml minor changes pointed out by flashnovice, and linking up these text.


1 comment:

  1. XML is always better in my uninformed oppinion.
    I really have a hard time believing that people used to make games with anything else... It would drive me to insanity. Checking your blog everyday!

    Best wishes,