Sunday, October 23, 2011

Items done Text taking a while

All the items are encoded and I did a few test runs and think I got all the bad paths fixed. Someone is probably going to have to go through and update the descriptions as a lot of them I just added something on the fly. Anyways there on the SVN.

Almost got done with the Cunnilingus Female Player + Female Slave by AzaggThoth. Adding text takes forever and the current system will be removed soon I swear to an XML system. But that's some time in the future after a stable release. Tonight more text and probably at the rate I am going that will keep on being true for a few more nights.

Also Flashnovice has found a few more bugs to play with so getting there but ever, ever so slowly.



  1. *looks at the picture*
    Dammit, Daisy! Not you, too! It isn't even Halloween, and you've already got your Christmas decorations up. ;)

  2. Daisy have you given any thought to the endings or the goals of the player, such as how to achieve them or if there is a end at all?