Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bug From Hell

Okay so much was broken to get this to work.

First - Assistant Skills were not in the xml had to add.
Second - The actual weekly cost was never calculated.
Third - The loyalty change xml had #asPay in it when it should have been #aspay. Added a tolowercase()
Fourth - in game variable to in game variable change did not exist... fixed.

That was an entire night...  Wonder where the assistant picture went for the event...You know what, I don't care.



  1. there seems to be a problem with effects after i use a lactation pill when hovering over the small icon the counter show 0/3. also this applies to virgin effect to which shows 0/1. reading the in the "effectsInfo.xml" shows that these effects should start at 3/3 and 1/1 respectivly

  2. another thing is that there is very little information about how to edit the "prefs.xml".

    also the three genders in prefs is male, female and gender
    it would be more intuitive if it was male, female and futa.