Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quests everywhere

Adding the quests to the futa palace and the spherian embassy .  It takes a huge amount of xml code to add them to the shops.

randquest = "true"

Damn, that was some work.

You will note that the look is a bit difference as it is now mouse over for the required to win instead of shown on the poster.  The reason should be rather self evident the system has to be able to give information for 4 girls able to show 2 classes, items, arch, etc.



  1. There needs to be a quest with Prinneys d00d

  2. Hi DAisy, i have asked you a long time ago about the doll images (body shapes) , who did them for you and you mentioned that it was some guy... anyway, recently i played a DRESS UP flash game that HAD the exact identical dolls (bodies) as what you have in your game.

    Maybe you should take a look?

    There is also another version where you can do poses (move limbs).

  3. Hey!

    Just want you to know that saving/loading broke after last update, or at least that's what im seeing. The buttons doesn't seem to be working/capturing clicks.

    I reverted to the previous version and could save/load fine, so if it's not the last update then is something really weird =)