Thursday, October 11, 2012

Computer issues...

So my computer farted and I lost about a day or two of work.  Had to do a system restore and for some reason it wiped some of the .as files but not my .xml files or image files.  As far as I can tell just lost the float over routine for the quests and some internal quest leveling system.  Going to take me a few hours to recover but it just goes to show I need to update the SVN more often.  Will try to remind myself to update every day at the end.



  1. System restore select files by extensons. It think that .xml and images is user documents. But .as files it treat as system files, needed to be restored. I preffer to store any of my files on the drives or pratitions excluided from system restore completly.

  2. Odd, seems that the tortoise trunk isn't working at all, getting stuck on initializing for me.

    And is there any news on the return of the site & forums?

  3. you know i hate mentioning my experiences but i couldn't get any web page to work for the death of me that worked with flash player or products so i desided to upgrade my drivers. Still the problem continued.. so then a friend of mine asked if i updated my current Foxfire version i replied back to him "no i haven't" i also told him that it couldn't be that easy... Sure Sh*t enough... it was the problem. I almost died of laughter after how stupid it made me look.