Friday, October 19, 2012

Still furniture

Still playing with furniture.  Got all the visible stuff done just working now on it firing events.  Which is a bit overly complicated since it has to do with what room the girl is in.  Oh well I hope to have it done soon.  Then onto tattoos or branding.



  1. Hi, was just curious as to if was possible for an updated version of the game to be made into one downloadable zip file for those of us who are complete idiots when it comes to this stuff. LOL. Believe me, I'm sincerely grateful that you make it all available to us but I can't seem to ever figure out how to properly put together all of the files. It's not laziness, I tried to do it but it's very overwhelming. I wouldn't mind that it might still be buggy; the game's still in development afterall. I'd just like to play and try out the new features you've been writing about.

  2. i get a attack page warning when i try to download the game so i wouldn't download it if i was you