Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Effect Event Guide

Effect events are ran each shift the event is called by the effect name + effect.  (Example "virgin" + "effect" event call will be "virgineffect")

As an add to the normal event there is a tag called effect, default false.  When set to true this effect will not be shown when effect show is off in options.  This setting does NOT have to be set, for big effect messages, but should be for the majority of effects.  That is actually all the tags for effects that are different.

Note Effects fire first before the girl job event and run for each shift.

[shift start event ] [ time event ] [ girl effect event] [ girl job event ] [ time end event ] [ shift end event ]



  1. Look like a shit tone of work since you begin this game. Good luck to see the end of that, will follow you anyway.

  2. If you go to town and the auction house and you click buy slave and then hit the town button it takes you to a white screen. However if you actually do buy a slave this does not happen and you just go to town with the town button

  3. I look forwards to leaving my entire team as virgins, milking them every day and watching their insanity climb.