Monday, October 22, 2012


The bug doc has been moved to Trello.  For those of you who had admin access to the old bug doc please contact me when you have a trello account and I will give you write permission.  It is visible to anyone on the net and the link is on the left hand side.

The reason for the changes is a better sorting system then just docs.  And its a nice GUI that lets you see just about everything at once.

Also there is a new To Do Trello as well with tasks that are still on the drawing board.  We shall see if I keep it up to date or not.



  1. One question. Where can I get the latest version of this? The download link just takes me to the November update.

  2. you can use the SVN to get the latest but remember that the svn is the developers version therefore its not promised that everything will work as intended. consider the svn an alpha version

  3. i encounterd this when i was visiting the blacksmith. i was arriving from the guild screen

    ArgumentError: Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller.
    at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/removeChild()
    at otherlib.itemStuff::GirlItemBuilder$/iBuilderStart()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\itemStuff\]
    at otherlib.shopcontroller::shopBlacksmith$/blacksmithUpdate()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\shopcontroller\]
    at otherlib.shopcontroller::shopBlacksmith$/updateBlacksmithTimer()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\shopcontroller\]
    at flash.utils::Timer/tick()

    also i cant seem to milk a girl lactating since it only states that she is clearly not lactating on top of that the paper figure disipeard after i used the lac.pearl

    1. i'we been experimenting and noticed that the counter for lactation starts at 0/3 and then never changes

  4. AH! i can add this one to it's not important but somwhat anoying

    when mouse over a room or house the popup text can be put below the cursor this leads to the popup starts flashing rapidly (i guess when it pops up it covers the mouse over area prompting it to disappear wich in turn reveals it again)

    1. forgot to say where.

      its at the estate and carpenters shops