Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inferno Baby

That's right Inferno baby!

Sure beats debugging.



  1. so that is what you do when your not fixing the game eh? Bad daisy, you slacker. lol >.<

  2. that is okay, i haven't gotten past nightmare mode... I keep dying, lol.

  3. Next thing you know she's going to post a pic of her newest Pandorian from WoW.

  4. Ewwww Diablo 3

    Bad Daisy, don't play that terrible game.

  5. PS Blizzard collects personal info and metrics data on you and gives it to the government, you've been warned.

  6. decided to try the new svn heres what i noticed.

    * cant equip items on girls
    * after i visited the avatar page (the screen saying intentionally left blank) i could no longer access the girl pages i am instead directed back to the avatar page and receive an argument failure
    * sometimes conversations or event seems to misfire (an ex would be me seeing the event for "cat's pawn" at the tailor)
    * i am missing the paper dolls (might be a problem on my side so if you or others don't report the same ignore this)
    * The ui is not consistent and some screens are smaller leading me to see stuff behind it (EX: i am seeing the options bar to the top right of the screen when i visit the auction

    that's what i have for now. anyways i still love you for spending time on this game. (not d3)

    A quick question is there a better place to report bugs?

  7. Yep, there is the bug document linked on the left:

  8. What no Guild Wars 2

  9. Trust me, if i know her as a gamer she will try anything. Hey Daisy,(pulls out a string with a coin attached to it) you are getting sleepy... you will but guild wars 2... and you will play it and tell us how you like it. when i snap my fingers you will immediatly run to the store and get the game (Snap!!)

    Well how is it?

  10. meh d3 really ruined itself when the nerf'd all the characters into oblivion and decided that "Well you see we don't like what you are doing and we know there are some things we should be fixing but lets instead just make you worthless." Was in inferno like week 1 or 2 then got upset with the stupid shit they started patching and changing