Monday, October 1, 2012

Driving License

My new Japanese driving license.   Now I'm ready to drive on the wrong side of the street!

For those bored people like me... the original.  If you want to make your own license.



  1. I don't recognize this, is it from an anime?

  2. Ah Binbougami ga! why are you so funny.

    Also, Booby-kun trying to be more then just your pervy monk in that series was quite funy too.

    Although after seeing the anime I almost feel like reading the manga for the hell of it. :p

  3. Hey Daisy :)
    I improved on your license a bit and mailed it to you. Hope you like! :)


  4. Can someone please help me with the lastest download of the game I can't find it.

  5. Check a few comments back, but it's an unstable release as of late, so just stcik with what happens to be the stabel release on the top left side of the page.