Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pens Remodel

More streaming tonight... most likely if it happens it happens. Pens remodel externally is about done just need to re-write the collision internally. I think the bars are a much better visual aid then check boxes and I hope everyone agrees with me on that. Going to need someone to be in charge of the pens soon. Any suggestions for a keeper? Daisy


  1. maybe something like this

    or something from assassins creed?

    for more drawing style maybe this:
    from streetfighter...

    or something fantasy warrior likem to fit in the world:

    maybe this gets you to something ^^

    and yay to the progress keep up the good work, always watching the progress!

  2. The ninja is a nice idea.

    Any others?


  3. A manager for the slave pens? Something Dark, Deranged, or Dominating would be best, I think. Characters such as or similar to Tira (Soul Calibur, preferably 4 or 5) or Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum and Harley Quinn's Revenge version) would fit, I think.

    Perhaps go Male with it and have a Minotaur, or something along those lines.

    Maybe you could go for a twist, and have a little girl in charge. The contrast between sweet little girl and slave manager is fairly strong, lol.

    I could probably come up with something better (and more specific) if I better knew what you were looking for.

  4. Are there going to be VODs of your livestream? I'd like to view the ones I've missed so far.

  5. just a idea how about being able to hire a assistant to manage the pens or have different manager options.

  6. A hot blond chick... with a whip. Looking kind of like a stewardess/officer. Riza Hawkeye from FLM maybe?,r:30,s:0,i:166

    I do like the idea of having Ibuki as a guard. Don't know about a minotaur (don't want to risk the guard having some fun with my girls). Maybe if it had some back story making the guard indebted to you.

  7. Owh I know, the torturer from Guts. That would make an awfully mean Keeper.