Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fixing Obvious bugs

Spent the majority of the night fixing obvious bugs that cropped up when I could see all the things together.
--- The rooms no longer leaving behind images if you rapidly changed selections
--- The health bar for the girl cards loading in the wrong spot on initial.
--- And as seen in the picture above... something ain't right still working on that one.

And still trying to figure out how to actually connect them all together.  I'm pretty sure I will use extends classes and then the "is" statement once I know what type of class I am floating over.  Weather or not that will work is going to be fun!  Also have to keep track of which item is on top of the screen and then on down in case some idiot lines up multiple cards on top of each other.  Then there is actually taking an object and copying it and the movement since it seems problematic to have object from two different objects touching each other.... Believe it or not up until now was the easy part...


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