Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gril Card Logic done with a treat

Got the girl card logic done.   Was pretty fast now that the landers are added the locations are mapped and the logic for the collision and job exchange was already done.  Only thing I did special for them is that when you select a job from a girl card it is a job but if you hover anywhere else it is a mini pic of the girl.  Really happy with that was way easy to do and makes a lot more logic sense.   That way you don't have girls moving to girls.  You have jobs moving to girls.  But you do have girls moving to rooms.

card(job/Girl) -> Card (job/Girl) Done!
card (Girl) -> Room Done! 
card (Girl) -> master bedroom  Done!

Got a large portion of the master bedroom done.

MB(Girl) -> Room Done
MB(Job) -> Girl Done!
MB(Girl or Job) -> MB done!
MB(Assistant or Player) -> MB(assistant or Player) 1/2 way done
MB Logic for reduced rooms move to MB
MB Logic for reduced rooms assistant or player move

Hoping to have the new main screen up and running tomorrow and start linking stuff in at that point... So will probably take 3-10 days.


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  1. great work keep it up at this rate and hopefully we will see a new beta before the summers out? or not still cant wait but i will though surprised i can still type when im in a straight jacket lol