Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another day of landers and logic

More landers and logic.  First off Room(Job) -> Girl including collision works.  Also Room(Girl) -> Girl fails out.  And the landers either are green or red to help everyone out.

Landers for Room(Job) -> room(Job) are working but the wrong color... (they should be red... after all you cant change exchange room jobs just the people in the room) still need to add logic to get it to fail out.

Basically for just the room bar need logic for

Room(job) -> Girl  done!
Room(Girl) -> Girl  (fail) Done!
Room(Job) -> room (Job)  (fail) (almost done but showing wrong color)
Room(Girl) -> Room (girl)
Room(Job) -> Master Bedroom (fail)
Room(Girl) -> master bedroom

And thats just the logic for ONE of 3...  While I'm of course going to keep on recycling code and hopefully making good functions it's still a long process...


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