Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lots of little odd bits

True screen cap. Moving my porn from a 1/2 TB to a 1 TB drive. Part of the new 3TB movie drive project. Want to remove a few of the older drives and just have 1 porn / 1 manga / 1 movie drive.

 Pens are done got the logic finished yesterday... okay they should be done I need to add pens cost dialog but that's a 15 minute job I forgot.

 Still accepting ideas for a pens manager. So background the pens manager would work for the guild, would not be an overly nice person and I would really like to do a scene with her and Virgilia. Something like...

 *Pens Manager* Here's my daily report. 2 Slaves injured do to fighting, 4 slaves injured because they looked at me the wrong way.

 *Virgilia* ...

 *PM* Also made 50 gp from usage of publicly owned slaves.

 *Virgilia* ...

 Add infinite 

Reworking the character screen renamed to GirlScreen because that is a LOT less confusing. May stream or not tonight as its really just dull programming to rebuild a screen.


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  1. Wow, four days is quite a long time to transfer files. I transferred a bunch of my junk onto my one terabyte drive and that took maybe an hour. I only transferred around 300 gigs of files though.