Saturday, June 16, 2012

And rooms are done... 2 to go

Room(job) -> Girl  done!
Room(Girl) -> Girl  (fail) Done!
Room(Job) -> room (Job)  (fail) done!
Room(Girl) -> Room (girl) done!
Room(Job) -> Master Bedroom (fail) done!
Room(Girl) -> master bedroom Done!

And rooms are done!  That took way to long but thankfully the rest should fall much faster as the x y mapping is done and the girl collision is done.  (Girl moving to room with a girl already in it.)  So now we get a new list...

card(job/Girl) -> Card (job/Girl)
card (Girl) -> Room
card (Girl) -> master bedroom 

A bit shorter this time around the main reason being jobs can't be moved anyways so don't have to worry about them.  Only technical issue is that the picked up item can't be a job and has to be a copy of the girl image... I'm hoping to have all these done this weekend.


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