Saturday, February 11, 2012

Slow but steady new job system

This example uses the new push system and follows the

job-> event -> text

and is working. But that's about all it does if your interested... heres the code. Still working on a bunch of repeat and move on stuff that will be tonight's mission. Also how to randomly choose jobs ie rest good, rest bad, rest etc... More fun. I'm really thinking that if it keeps going this smoothly there may be a developer release in the next month that will allow people to add there own jobs, rooms, houses, classes, items, shops, etc. Even if its not a great working version will allow people to add there own jobs and classes and hopefully girl events.



  1. I`m a big fan of your work and your blog.
    Amazing, how you push yourself toward the next release ... only looking at the programming hurts (^^) :)
    Can`t wait to hold this masterpiece in my hands *hehe*
    Looking forward !

  2. Glad to see that you overcame the issue with the job system. I'm building a game that uses a similar shift and activity cycle as yours and I had just crossed that same bridge last night. It's always interesting to see how others solve problems. Thanks for keeping up such an interesting blog.