Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking for a volunteer... This means YOU!

Doing front images and had to make some minor xml changes to the girl xmls and the item xmls. To allow for any dress plausibility as a front image, depending on how crazy the girl designer is had to make these basically universal. So for items added another property called dress and for the girls.xml simplified the information for the comparison to make it easier.

The item xml change is just adding the dress property.

For the girl.xml change the girl xml so that they equal.



I would really like a volunteer to update these. The base dresses so far are...


If your interested please send me an e-mail and still sorry to rudi_stoned as I changed more internally.



  1. Daisy, I'd like to volunteer and therefore sent you a PM at the forum

  2. I don't see the advantage of regex here, since you have to create a 1:1 mapping to replace old strings, e.g. "ItemDressBikini", with new strings, e.g. "bikini".
    If you wanted to say this is a task that a script can do faster than a human, then I agree and that's what I intend to do.

  3. ok, SED and AWK with regex.

  4. Had to google SED and AWK to find out what it is... Yeah, I suppose you can do it with these tools, but it still seems like a lot of trouble for me. I used python and did it like this:
    *) find all *.XML files in the directory
    *) read the XML file
    *) go through every line, look for words to replace
    *) if an old word is found, e.g. "ItemDressBikini", replace it with "bikini"
    *) write lines out to XML file
    I suppose if you don't know Python already, this solution might be harder to learn than yours, but I'm not sure. Python is incredibly easy to learn and for this problem you really need just basic commands (text file handling, string operations and operating the file system).