Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Generic images working...

After some massaging and thinking I had it working 2x... it now is working. Yay for generics! Now on to something a bit more interesting in the next couple days. For the personalized job buttons need a way to know if they should be showing. IE for tit fuck you have to learn that and somehow the game has to know that you learned it. Should be able to just run it through the event system... should. Also need a base variable for hp change for jobs and that has to be standard pulling variable - variable I'm unsure the event system can handle that I'll play with it. But needs to be standardized before everyone makes a job.

I just had to share...


I thought I would do a Daisy's review of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning vs Skyrim.

Basic Story, Quests -
KoA:R - R.A. Salvatore wrote it and you can tell if you like elves you will like KoA:R each of the Faction quests almost over shadow the main quest and the Fae are just interesting. More actual quests already cleared over 175 and still have a continent to go.

Skyrim - Very solid my personal favorite is the Thief faction arc is very good. Also certain dragon based events and that story is fun. The war one is redundant and a bit dull, after you take the 3rd fort.

I'm going to call this a tie.

Interface -
(Now you probably wondering why I'm including this is because its a such a marked difference.)
KOA:R - Hit left to eat an HP potion. The junk sorting system is the BEST in game sorting system I have ever seen. You don't like the item it's not as good as the one your wearing you mark it at junk and when you get back to a vendor you press ONE button and sell all the junk you collected. Change weapons you hit a different button you have 2 ready + spells at any time.

Skyrim - To get to a potion, pause the game go to the item menu, go to potions, select the potion you need and then go back to game. Change weapons pause the game, select the game from a list of so called hot keys that are just text.

Huge win KOA:R

Graphics -
KOA:R - If you have played WOW, you have already seen everything. But as a good part your characters actually don't look but ugly.

Skyrim - Real world appearance vast in scope. Butt ugly characters.

Small win Skyrim

Battle -
KOA:R - Being able to switch from ranged to close by just choosing a different attack button is sweet. Targeting multi-targets can be a little awkward initially but you get used to it. Dodge an Ogre as he wields a tree or block it, your choice just a different button. I love the chakrams.

Skyrim - Am I hitting it? I can't tell... oh its hp went down on the top target... Guess I will keep pressing buttons until it dies. That't about it combat was dull.

Huge win for KOA:R

Epic Wow moments

KOA:R - that first troll was awesome trying to dodge and roll or block as it pounded you with a tree and then fateshifting it very cool. Then nothing for a long while, breaking the siege though another epic.

Skyrim - The first dragon fight, and a bunch of end dragon spoiler fights that I can't talk about. The rogue quest where the water is filling up trying to drown you while your fighting coolness.

Toss up.

I'll leave it to you guys for the final choice of which wins.



  1. haven't played KoA:R yet, but will do so because I absolutely love elves, but I can't agree with your opinion of skyrim. The story sucked and the best arc was the assasin arc for me (I almost cried). The best part of the story was meeting with the Daedric Princes, but that's not really the main story. Also Skyrim's vast amount of mods and huge community make it easily superior to most games (great replay value).

  2. I like KoAR better than Skyrim, but a few things, that are important to know. The character: KoAR has very few settings, generic faces and thats all. win for skyrims more customized options.

    The equipment in KoAR is nice but very generic.
    win for skyrim. even if i like the outfits in KoAR!

    The quests in KoAR are short, so you meet many many people. after a short time, you loose the mainstory and i cant remember most of the questdealer ^^
    but the faction quests are nice.

    If you like wow with a few parts of Fable --> KoAR
    If you like Elder scolls Oblivion and the goold old Morrowind --> Skyrim

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