Saturday, February 18, 2012

Girl Events working too... ?!?!

You know I thought that I would have to do something special for girl events. That was actually rather stupid. The event system actually has everything already done the only thing necessary was to grab the event before the normal events. Too easy. The above event took about 2 minutes to write and get working. A good event system is everything, though it may be too powerful.


Some notes... Moving girl images from base/girls to base/libs/otherlib/images/girls. This was necessary to allow images to be found by the higher level systems like the text system. Not surprising but I apologize to rudi_stoned since I just broke his girl builder... sorry. Minis and the girl xmls will stay in the same spot EXCEPT for girl events like the one above those need to be added to the xml folder in base/libs/otherlib/xml/events/girls and base/libs/otherlib/xml/textstories/girls . Also as a note these need to be at the top of the books.xml for events as they must be loaded into the event system BEFORE normal events.

To all those who are playing with the SVN sorry about the huge new download.



  1. Dont't worry Daisy, a simple adjustment of the settings.ini should take care of the new girl image directory. Replace the line "GIRLSDIR = .\girls" in the settings.ini with "GIRLSDIR = .\libs\otherlib\images\girls", and everything should work as it did before. In addition to that, nobody seems to use GirlBuilder currently, so there's no problem anyway.

    In short, GirlBuilder is not broken if the path to the girl image dir is set correctly in the settings.ini.

    Looking forward to your next version,

  2. Eh, the SVN update wasn't THAT bad.