Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rooms + Jobs XML + Job Flow

Nothing is really connected yet but I think this is the basic design for how jobs will be selected from now on.

Wanted I really wanted to talk about was how jobs are going to work in xml. What it comes down is flow using existing systems.

Job -> Event -> Text

As you can see in the job it has an event tag. This tag triggers the event. The event then chooses which of the events to call... IE rest good, rest poor, rest great, etc... The event then modifies anything that needs to be modified and finally sends over a text to the text system to display to the user. Yes that does mean it uses 3 xml to get every thing to work but it does mean that everything uses the same system. This will allow events to trigger much more and no need for multiple text system or multiple holders of information.

Eh... I don't know.


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