Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yep it's broke

Think I got dirt working... using an evekey but not able to test because all of the shops right now give me the above default shop so working on that and a bit sidetracked.  I could verify that dirt was growing and reducing but didn't get a chance to check with multiple rooms and with maids skills.   Feels like an XML error but not seeing one...



  1. ive found a bug
    when in the training screen and you update a the time they turn to ? and when i go out of it the game loses most of it buttons so im stuck

  2. Daisy,

    The bug you mentioned seemed to happen to me only in the catpaws intro so far like your screenshot. I think this may be happening due to a spelling error. Your spelling of the shop isn't uniform for your files. Some have "catpawtrader" while others have "catpawstraders" with the s after "paw". That might be where the hang up is at.