Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Question? Talk before you buy?

Would you like to talk to the slaves before you buy?  Anyways goods screen about done with the setup still need to the actual internal coding.  The girls are now quite a bit bigger and there ability to levitate has been enhanced as well.



  1. Talk to them? Sure, if it's easy to implement, why not? Small details like that can go a long way towards improviong game immersion.

    I'd only tell you not to do it if it ends up eating too much development time and gets in the way of more relevant content.

  2. What is the point? A few default lines of dialog?

    Unless.... unless the dialog was related to some of the stats they posses. Like if they were particularly obedient or nympho..

    But that would mean you would need to have wider ranges that starting stats could be at. Also a lot of text would need to be written.

    I support this option. If implemented correctly would increase immersion and give some strategic depth to choosing a slave. Instead of just who you like/need for a quest.

  3. I would like to tease the girls on auction by telling them what I will do to them if I win.:) But if it's hard to implement then it's a waste of time.

  4. levitate? we need roofs at our house now?

  5. I'm with dogsoneup on this one. If you can work in some starting stat differences it would be really cool. You could even work in classes (ie: Maid, Cat, Cow) and raise the price accordingly. Eventually, adding this could pay off even further, when there is more story content in the game this could be another vector for delivering that story.

  6. I think it could be very worth it if you could perhaps find out some basic details about a girl before you lay down money for her; sexual preference, if she's a virgin, etc. Little things like that to help people make informed shopping decisions.

  7. >Would you like to talk to the slaves before you buy?
    It is a good idea, but not necessary at this stage of development.

  8. I'd definitely like to talk to them.

    Like dogsone says, it would be a great way to indicate slave stats and hint at their storyline when real content and plot starts getting added.

    Lay the groundwork for it now, so contributors can use the feature later.