Friday, January 11, 2013

Events Items

Item changes in events are handled inside the event syntax and has to options:


Item change just adds or removes items.  Syntax is eveitemchange

name = item name
add = true --- to add
remove = true --- to remove
producer = "name of the producer" -- producer name
reload = "true" -- causing the page to reload to show the item

That's about it for changes.  For checks there are a few options.

name = item name
check = true or false --- does the item exist true or false
vvar = true or false --- another option same as check but consistent with the rest of the system
girl = "whatgirl" -- 2 options "whatgirl" and "any"  (not highly tested let me know if these don't work)

That's all for now.  If other features are needed please tell me.


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