Friday, January 25, 2013

New Houses, bugs, features

Flashnovice added 2 new houses.  Yea him!  They are that easy to add.

Repeat personal job is back... it was annoying with out it.
Debug event labels are longer and now selectable so hopefully wont get any more bad events with cut off names.

Also did some bugs.



  1. In the main-GUI im Missing mouse-overs, what the many pictures are for.
    The red disc is for saving, the green for load ... well i would change it, cause saving is green (good) and loading is red (you missed a thing or went in ruin and have to load the game ^^)

    My slave has 6 attributes or like that and i dont really know, what these are.
    The background image scales too heavy and is definetely not nice to look at ^^

    The whole GUI is very complicated.
    If a message comes, i have to klick on the green next and cant go on by clicking the textfield

    RA R1, GM i dont know, what these boxes are for (Placeholder? Room 1?
    GM a1 A2? hmmm

    There is a interface in the middle with my two trainers and boxes but i cannot do anything with them.
    The boxes in the right up part are a bit of hard to understand too. now i have my trainer under the other trainer and shes wearing a red collar ? Oo

    Pens: if i cage my slave its shown Rooms 0/2 ... if my slave isnt caged its shown 1/2 (i think it has to be the other way round??)

    The navigation in the guild hall is a bit of strange. Im missing a home (which is integrated in most places) or out button (and mouseovers) (actually its a one-way in and out)
    It might be, that the possibilities and ingame-stuff is much more (the game is bigger so there has to be^^) but its not "playable" like before :(
    Okay, the slave interface is definetely better, thats one good point.

    I hope, the next changes helps in understanding the interface and buttons and what you do what :)
    And a few more images with higher resolution (background and foreground) would be nice ^^

  2. ya the interface completely confuses me right now great idea but no idea how to use