Thursday, January 10, 2013

Items and Content and unknown coins

Oh Yuki's Coin the simplest quest in the game designed originally to just test out quests.  The good old fetch and return quest... Damn I hate you.  Been working on it off and on for the last few days when doing content.  It showed a glaring issue.  The event system can not check for an item not existing.  The logic was just allowing for check if exists or return false.  So if it checked for not exists it still returned false.  Anyways the item system was rewrote quickly expect a walk through on how to use in the event system.  Like effects it now has specific labels for check and change rather then the mash together I went with originally.

Did you miss the last post website is back up.  Release imminent... hopefully.



  1. Yay =) Im definetly looking forward to a stable version of the game. Game design is a long road lol...

  2. oh, about a quest
    Guild Test 2: Need Slaves
    I have "Wearing a Chastity Belt and a Dildo", but Virgilia doesn't see them