Saturday, April 6, 2013

nevermind got it working

Anyone with SVN access please check milking.  Please, please, please.  I think it works okay now but needs heavy testing.  All my tests work.  Also double check I moved it to .75% as the mod on the milk skill but that may need some fluctuation.



  1. Ty for the release of new milk content :).
    Cant acces the forum so i post here (hope that's no one already tell about this):
    In cowjobevent.xml, in the eve :
    !-- does not have class, passed obedience check --
    This line is wrong:
    evecheck label = "#obedience" check = "lt" vvar = "#rand100" /
    it should be gt for the check.

    I'll look for other thing

  2. Hey, just checked it.
    You can't milk slaves every day, you have to wait one more day to do it, because slaves are "milked" already.
    It should be possible to milk em every day I think^^

  3. I can'ot get milk after milking

  4. milking works every 2 days, lactating girls never produce milk, even though they get milked