Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Girl ~ Suiseiseki

All thanks to Nylva we have a new girl Suiseiseki.  Enjoy its on the SVN along with some bug fixes.



  1. pls nami robin and boa from one piece too

  2. Hey Anon there is a guide to making girls

  3. Waah cannot wait for the new season of rozen maiden.

  4. Can someone tell me how to find missing girls?

    1. Visit the bounty hunter at the cafe

  5. resources not loading, please fix it

  6. Hi Im been checking this favoulus game, an came with a little things I found;
    1.- The No button at saving and loadign menu seems to don´t work.
    2.- There are rooms without a cleaning option the code is there for others rooms like the kitchen,(tose rooms just colect garbaje and maybe latter become an uncorfortable thing for the slave in that room making her to no rest and fall in sikness or run away).
    3.- The blackjack game max bid is 200 on earlier versions you can bet all the money on your poket (meybe this is a lock for the whealty goal meybe not).
    4.- Most of the clothing do not overlay the papperdoll, they still making the changes over the slave´s stats but dont cover their´s bodyes.
    5.- The random quest name at the gentelmen´s club is allways the same (maybe the script isn´t working properly, or a tag is bad settled).
    6.- When you change the clot of a slave the image resizes distorting the doll or moves to eiter side lefth or right, it is posible to setit to be allways the same or at least to stay centered?
    I know it´s a lot of coding work but I think it is better to point at it now when is relatively easy to fix or modify it, than latter when it has became an dificult task for al the other changes made that can afect the slave, I gonna be testing more the svn for other errors or bugs and trying to help this potencial super game.
    1.- Implement a lateral and back side view for the slaves(lots of images and code but it would be an very god extra value for the game don´t you think?).
    2.- Make a quick change menu for the assistants because change from the main managment menu to the assistant´s one is ok when you have only one but qhen this increases make al the way tho change instructions for other asistant is a little heavy.
    3.- Same above but for the house rooms.
    And if I commit grammar, orthograpycal or syntaxis error is because the english isn´t my mother language.

    1. Im adding other thing, when you interact with lamia she keeps showing up over the dialog box slowing down the game until reload.