Monday, April 15, 2013

Thank you for the replies

Thank you all for the replies.  If it shows anything there is not any real consensus except the want for 16:9.  Which at least tells me the general you can't please everyone still holds true.  Thanks though gave me a lot to think about.



  1. Ahh really? 16:9 is industry standard for widescreen (such as 720 or 1080p). OFC there are variations, but the other major is 4:3 such as 800x600, 1024x768. A lot of the resolutions are just variations of the same aspect ratios... Flash does indeed stretch things out, going with a 4:3 res means you will fit nicely on square monitors and still work on widescreens. If you went for a 16:9 res at 720 then you might be annoying some people who are still using Windows XP (is like your dad) in the USSR.

    You should seriously consider locking it to some aspect ratio and disabling scaling completely. 1024x768 is still a respectable res if you're not going HD, and is fine for anyone who isn't using Windows 98.

    1. Please stop talking out of your ass. I'm sorry if I sound harsh but you have yet to make a point that hasn't been made yet (or isn't utter rubbish) or are you just trying to impress someone?

      @ Daisy_Strike much love! and sorry - I just hate neckbeards prattle :)


    2. hate to say right now I am on a system that can only use up to windows XP so 1280x960 is good for me. My good PC died (misses my 8 core).


    3. If you're still on 1024x768 then you're in the minority with just 3%. 1366x768 and 1920x1080 make up over 50% (see But fear not, Flash will work at any resolution, so even if the res is too large, it will just get scaled. Really no point in deevloping for 4:3 these days.

    4. It is news to me that 4:3 is used so little. I didn't say anything insulting or stupid, maybe incorrect on some points but I don't feel there was any need for you to call me a neckbeard or say I'm "talking out of my ass". I'll take back what I said about 1024x768, I guess I'm just used to how the game has looked for some time, which is in quite a small window on my monitor.

      I've been working a lot recently on trying to things to scale well on different screens (small androids up to desktop monitors) and it can be a nightmare.

      If I came across as "preachy" then I am sorry, just thought another persons opinion might help out a bit.

  2. Off-topic but sort of helpful for this... Port to AIR for the love of god. Get a good graphics lib. Static low quality buttons really degrade the value of your work :/ You could easily be releasing this on multiple platforms with little hassle regarding resolutions (letterbox or scaling).

  3. I run in 1400x900 mode, but I usually play Otherworld smaller. Also randomly, my girls keep running away. I'm not doing anything especially evil, and I'm giving them adequate rest...but they keep running off. Maybe I just suck. :D