Monday, April 8, 2013

Rainy April Bugged Release

I'm bored with debugging so lets release.

Lots of bug fixes.
All effects should work.
All furniture should work.
New Teacher Class and jobs thanks to Nylva.
Some new houses.
Tutorial is longer.
And a ton of other stuff.

Expect a couple hot fixes in the next day as I forgot to add spontaneous lactation to cow girls and enough reputation to spawn the new two snips quest.


RapidGator (Be advised Rapid Gator adds underscores so if you mix and match you will rename.)




  1. Cool will give it a try when I get off work in 6 hours.

  2. DLing now.
    You should consider switching to mega though.

  3. Thank you very much Daisy! i will try the new release as soon as possible!

  4. Torrent uploaded.

  5. thx for the update & thx for the torrent, sendspace and rapidgator would've driven me crazy

  6. SVN .swf played with Adobe flashplayer 10, equipping the cow tail on a girl that has the cow panties on causes the doll to not display the panties, despite the panties remaining in her inventory. Removing the panties and re-equipping them causes them to appear but the tail to disappear from the doll while the tail remains in her inventory.

  7. No matter how long i try, i still can't get the girls to learn the cowgirl class, tried for two games, 400 days of trickle milking, treating lkie a cow and dehumanizing. That just can't be bad luck, the class learning code must be busted. (downloaded from svn rather than recent release)

  8. Hm... where is the arena? I remeber playing it on a older version...

  9. my notebook broken... the previous otherworld lost... am i have to redownload the previous or just this?