Saturday, December 15, 2012

The entire Text Engine is a bug

So I have been trying for the last few days to figure out why text boxes are appearing with old text when you enter rooms and nothing is supposed to happen.  In my brilliant plan I added a debug panel where the text engine would show the last event and text label.  With me so far.  Well the text engine is one of the oldest of the interdependent .swf and so had a few peculiarities   Built at the base level rather then the class level still with me no problem I though we can just add them to that level and move on...  Needless to say it didn't work that way some how the new screen objects are being converted to strings.  That was irritating.  Then I decided to update some of the parsing so that it wouldn't happen at the low level well it turns out that all the text parsing was happening 2x in 2 different arrays.  That was unexpected.  Then the text system decided to set the global variable that contained it for reference as null.  That was frustrating.  So I am updating the text system to make it more in line with everything else.  That is time consuming.  Last of course this is unlikely in any way to fix the initial problem of rooms displaying old text.  Which means I am just running in circles.



  1. Cleaning up old, fucked up code always feels like not getting you anywhere, but in fact it's more than worth the time spent on it

  2. Well now, you weren't expecting things to actually be simple for once, were you? :p

    Keep at it. I love reading your updates.

  3. Yeah, I second that. I didn't take a real look at the last version, but I follow your blog daily and I really like where all this is going...